Saturday, 18 November 2017

Blackfellows Gully (B F Gully)

Blackfellows Gully (B F Gully) Receiving office, on Six Mile Creek on the northern part of the Morinish gold field, 29 km from Yaamba. The receiving office opened in 1888 and closed on 24 February 1892, reopened in June 1897 and closed on 31 January 1912. It reopened 2 km from the previous site on 22 July 1912 and closed on 30 September 1927. 

The receiving office keepers were R. Davis in 1888, Mrs M. Boyd in 1889, Mrs Mitchell in 1890, Mrs J. Lawrence in June 1897, Miss M. Welsh from 28 February 1903, Miss Annie from 1 April 1909, Miss Ellen Farrell from 22 July 1909 and Mrs O'Donoghue from 22 July 1912
  • manuscript cancellation seen in 1910 rated Very Rare

Blackfellows Gully manuscript cancellation rated Very Rare. Dated 21 August 1910. Seen in the Queensland Stamp Collecting Facebook Group

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