Friday, 26 August 2016

Unofficial receiving offices at Queensland pastoral properties and remote work locations

I have come across a handful of covers that have originated from Queensland pastoral properties and other remote work locations with their name written on the top left hand side. They also include a signature and the word registered if applicable. They are subsequently cancelled at the nearest post office. I suspect, given the size of these properties, the number of people employed by them and living on site, as well as their distance to the nearest post office, that these acted as unofficial receiving offices with the stamps affixed on site and then given to the letter carrier, when he delivered mail to that location, to take to the post office, where they were cancelled and registered. 

If you have any more examples. I would love to see them.

Originating at Darr Rivers Downs, a pastoral property west of Longreach. Dated 22 August 1907

Originating at Charlotte Plains, a pastoral property east of Cunnamulla. Dated 11 June 1903. Seen on Stampboards

A cover from Darr River Downs outside Longreach and dated 25 September 1904. Seen on Ebay

And this one from a Chain Gang crew (56) working on a railway outside Alpha in 1901

Retro Station outside Capella dated 19 March 1903. Seen in Queensland Facebook Group

Stoneleigh Station dated 21 July 1899 in the Ingham district. Seen in Queensland Facebook Group

Penola Downs near Kynuna dated 13 october 1904. Seen in Premier Postal auction no 56

A cover from Maneroo Station outside Longreach and dated 15 March 1903. Seen on Stampboards

Eumina dated 23 February 1901 in the Charleville district. Seen in Queensland Facebook Group

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