Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Receiving Office Regulations - 1892

Regulations regarding Receiving Offices from Queensland Postal Regulations, 1892

Rule 143 spells out how the letter is to be handled. It would appear that there was no requirement to do anything for letters that were not local. They were simply sent to the nearest post office/s in a secured and sealed bag.

Local letters were to "have the postage stamps obliterated by lines drawn diagonally across the stamps with a pen and black ink, and must have the name of the office and the date written on the upper left-hand corner of the letter, thus, Redbank, January 2nd 1892 - and be delivered when called for."

Example of a cover showing the diagonal crosses and the name and the date of the post office 

Registered articles (Rule 144), were to be handled in accordance with Rule 75

Example of a registered cover showing the red pencil lines, the registration number (584) and the word registered

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